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Software Communication System


Users want to be reachable from a
single number, no matter where or
how they’re communicating. With the
KX-NSV300 Software Communication
System, you can assign a single
number to any device, whether it’s
a deskphone (SIP or proprietary),
wireless or softphone (PC-based
or mobile-based).


Smart desk
Greater flexibility with office working
is becoming more and more standard.
Many people now work remotely,
only occasionally visiting the office.
Having a one-number plan, regardless
of where people ‘check-in’, drives
efficiency to the next level.


private cloud.jpg

Private Cloud
Implementing the Private Cloud
feature gives your business significant
advantages. With your own cloud capable
infrastructure, there’s no
need to rely on third-party support or
services, giving you greater control
of your communications, maintaining
the highest standards of security,
ensuring full regulatory compliance
and leading to invaluable cost savings.


Centralised management
When used in multiple locations and
connected as one, there’s no need
to perform maintenance on every
location. Thanks to the capability
of the IP network facilities, remote
service by a single administrator is
all you ever need. This is another way
to reduce your operating costs.


My Portal
Being connected to the web is part
of everyday working life. So why not
use this connection to control your
telephony features too? By using the
‘My Portal’ web-based user interface,
every user can operate their features
and customise the unified messaging
settings without knowing the Software
Communication System-specific
programming or feature code.


Cutting-edge Integration
The system also integrates
with Panasonic UC Pro unified
communications solution and mobile
softphone technology, giving the
ultimate in flexibility and functionality.


Cloud Hosted PBX

Virtual & Reality

Bringing together the best of both worlds

Implementing the KX-NSV300 into your business couldn’t be easier.
All you need is the product activation key, annual licenses for your users and a remote maintenance annual license. And that’s it.
With two simple and easy-to-understand payment plans – either on a per user per-year basis, where budgeting is easy and costs are kept to a minimum – or on a permanent basis.


For over 30 years, Panasonic has been a world leader in PBX technology.Over those three decades, we’ve built trust with, and value for, our customers through the reliability of our communication solutions and quality of service we provide.The new KX-NSV300 software PBX draws on this unrivalled heritage and applies it to today’s workplace. Delivering next-generation functionality and flexibility, without the up-front need for a hardware purchase, it connects the best of virtual communications to your on-premise server, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.Perfect if you have anything from 10-300 users, the KX-NSV300 differs from other virtual solutions in its focus. Panasonic’s track record in telephony and business communications hardware means we begin with the user and develop our solutions from there, rather than taking a back-end software-first approach.

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