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Users want to be reachable from a
single number, no matter where or
how they’re communicating. With the
KX-NSV300 Software Communication
System, you can assign a single
number to any device, whether it’s
a deskphone (SIP or proprietary),
wireless or softphone (PC-based
or mobile-based).

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A VoIP phone system so simple to use, it helps you improve communication with customers

hunt groups and queues

From simple ring groups to advanced call queues, Modern Telecoms Hosted PBX provides all the information you need through a simple web interface.

With its powerful user interface showing live and historic information, busy times, top performing and underperforming users can be easily identified

Visibility of users are busy on calls and the number and name (if name matched in the directory) of the person they are talking to.  (This feature can be disable for users also)

The web interface shows calls waiting in the group and how long they have been waiting for.

Callers can be informed of their position in the queue, average wait time, request a call back or breakout at any time to leave a voicemail message.


Cloud Hosted PBX
-the next level in communications

Cloud Hosted PBX

Call Recording

30-days call recording is included at no extra cost on all our hosted PBX systems, users can playback calls, select playback speed and download calls.
Additional call recording storage is available.


Click to Dial from the PC

Download and install the click to dial app and simply right click on a phone number to dial from the desk phone

or softphone.

voicemail to text & e-mail

Personal and group voicemails are available through the web interface as well as traditionally via the handset.
Voicemail to email is standard, and our systems also feature a voice to text function which displays the voice message as written text both in the web interface and on users mobile apps.


mobile app and web soft-phone

The mobile app does much more than just making and taking calls as if you were in the office.  From the app you can turn on and off the desk phone ringer, log the app in and out to take calls, make calls from the office number and transfer calls to other users. 

The app shows:

  • user status - busy or available 

  • text messages

  • voicemail with voice to text 

  • address book of the PBX


want to stay effortlessly connected while you’re on the move?


The PC soft-phone is built into the web interface, connect a headset or use the microphone and speakers of your iPad, laptop, notebook or PC for a fully functioning mobile device


powerful solutions that help you in your business 

CRM Integration

Integration of the telephone system to your favourite CRM systems.
Integration into
SME Professional
with many more being added



In customer service and sales environments it is important for calls to be routed correctly, and accurate call logs and statistics are essential.

This information is available to every user through the web interface, with the call queues tab acting like a wall board with its live data stream.

For all industries

Our hosted PBX is so flexible, it can easily be tailored for almost any industry, such as;

  • schools - classroom extensions

  • hotels & hospitality - room clean and integration

  • estate agents - integration to SME Professional

  • call centres, service and support desks - call back functions, place in queue, wait time...

  • even a humble basic house phone!


DECT cordless coverage

Multi-cell DECT cordless systems can cover huge areas both indoors and outdoors.Ideal for Factories, warehouses, car showrooms and any other large areas where communications is vital.

Choose from a wide selection of handsets, or use your existing handsets

unlimited calls

Inclusive calls to landline (01,02 & 03) numbers and UK mobiles (07) numbers. Calls to non-geographic (08xx) numbers, Channel Islands mobile and personal numbering (070) not included in the inclusive minutes. Low-cost call rates for International and out of bundle minutes.

inclusive features and pricing

All of our features are included for no additional cost. Unlike other hosted systems which charge extra for voicemail, hunt groups or additional numbers, these are all included. 30-days call recording is included for no extra charge also.


multiple devices

Each user can have a deskphone, mobile app and PC softphone, unlike many other systems we also allow additional devices to be connected, for example a cordless may be required in addition to the deskphone for true flexibility.


easy pricing

With our simple cost per user pricing structure, you can be sure that regardless of how many calls you make, or features you use, the price will be the same each month. Our pricing can also be flexible for certain niche markets, such as schools and hotels, for example; a school may have 30 users, but 20 of those will rarely ever use the phone, this is where our Hosted PBX system can have an advantage, because the system offers classroom extensions, hotel room extensions, app only and residential extensions in addition to the regular extension, we can offer truly flexible pricing for certain industries/markets.


1-10,000 users

Enterprise level features are now available to the one-man-band. A system scalable and professional. Whether you are simply diverting a number to a mobile or have 1,000 users spread across multiple sites, we can offer a flexible solution for your requirements.

Talk to Modern Telecom today

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