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Cloud Hosted PBX & legacy onsite PBX


SIP service provider - Internet - onsite handsets

Cloud hosted is the most popular system for all types of business.

Our Cloud Hosted PBX has a great set of features such as voicemail to email, auto-attendant (dial 1 for ... dial 2 for...) softphone, mobile app, live and historic call stats, web page access and full setup via a web browser for follow me diverts, speed dials and setup of the system.

There are no maintenance costs unlike site hosted PBX, our cloud PBX is fully managed, the only cost is a cost per user per month.


SIP service provider - Internet - onsite telephony server - handsets

Upgraded Site Hosted PBX - ready for the big switch off

On-site PBX is rarely offered these days simply because Cloud Hosted PBX offers so much more for less money.

There are still large numbers of systems such as the Panasonic NCP, TDA/TDE and NS which are great reliable systems that will likely still be running in another 10 years time.

These systems can be upgraded for very little cost to run SIP/VoIP lines meaning that they do NOT need replacing before the big switch off.

We are committed to supporting the legacy systems and we can upgrade these in prep for the big switch off.

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