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Internet & Broadband Connections

Modern Telecom has a wide range of internet connectivity services within its portfolio.


No matter the size of business or its location, we can offer connectivity to suit your needs, all from Tier 1 suppliers.

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  • FTTP - Full fibre broadband  
    40mb upload/10mb download,
    80mb/20mb, 115mb/20mb, 160mb/30mb, 220mb/30mb,
    550mb/75mb & 1gb/115mb

  • G.FAST - fibre to cabinet
    330mb upload/50mb download

  • FTTC - fibre to cabinet
    40mb/10mb & 80mb/20mb

  • SOGEA - Sogea is simply G.FAST/FTTC without the dial tone, where possible we recommend SOGEA because the big switch off involves turning off the dial tone.  See the above speeds for the different types of service.

  • Mobile Data SIMs - 4g & 5g Data SIMs for routers.

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Fill in your address and contact info and we will check to see if what services are available at your premises.

Thanks for your enquiry, we will contact you shortly

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