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Users want to be reachable from a
single number, no matter where or
how they’re communicating. With the
KX-NSV300 Software Communication
System, you can assign a single
number to any device, whether it’s
a deskphone (SIP or proprietary),
wireless or softphone (PC-based
or mobile-based).

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Smart desk
Greater flexibility with office working
is becoming more and more standard.
Many people now work remotely,
only occasionally visiting the office.
Having a one-number plan, regardless
of where people ‘check-in’, drives
efficiency to the next level.


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Telephony Servers & PBX
The latest generation of on-premise feature-rich telephony servers

KX-NSX Series
KX-NSX provides services integrated with the users’ work style. Users are classified into three groups to better facilitate their management.
Normal Users

For users who primarily work using a telephone (can be a fixed, cordless or softphone).
Mobile Users
Users, such as sales representatives, who spend most of their time out of the office and require a smartphone or other mobile device to communicate with their customers.
Advanced Users
For users, such as supervisors of a call centre, who hold the authority to monitor correspondence with customers.
Companies require their operations to run efficiently. The business communication system needs to be flexible, innovative and competitive, while reducing operating costs and other expenses.

Flexible and Convenient Office Work
Whether you have employees that work in various locations around the office, are adding new employees, setting up a new office, starting a help desk or setting up employees to work from home - the KX-NSX can easily achieve your goals.



Each user can assign a single phone number to multiple
devices such as their office phone and mobile phone, which enables a phone or mobile phone to be easily used as an office extension. Users can easily manage multiple devices spread over various locations using a single number.



The KX-NSX enables companies spread out over multiple locations to perform remote management from a single site using IP networking. There is no need to have an administrator at every site, which enables low cost operations.


Smart desk
This function enables a number  of users to share the sam
extension. Users apply their own profile with a service-in operation so they can only receive their personal calls and voicemail.
Once they have serviced-out, it becomes available for another employee. When an employee services in at a location, they are automatically serviced out at any previous location.


Multiple Connection Systems
The KX-NSX is ideal for any company
with scalability. Supports up to 2,000
users and provides connectability
for up to 32 sites with the KX-NS
series for seamless communication.
It can also save costs for making
calls between offices with KX-NS
networking as internal calls and
provides sharing of up to 128 tenants,
unified messaging, an office directory
and much more.


My Portal

Using the My Portal web-based
user interface, each user can easily
operate the telephony function
settings and Unified Message
customisation without knowing the
PBX-specific feature number.


Mobile Phone Integration
Mobile phones can be connected as office extensions and used with
the same number as the office phone for easy management and
customer contact. With UC Pro, presence management, text chat and
video call functions can be used to enhance your business work style.

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